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“Female Viagra” Flibanserin Is Completely Different From Male Viagra

Flibanserin requires a whole new understanding of “Viagra” for those who are familiar with the male Viagra sildenafil. While sildenafil acts specifically on the penis, and only acts…


Herpes Test For $9 Approved By FDA

The FDA has fast-tracked a new inexpensive finger-stick test for herpes, as well as a processing system for the test. The FDA cleared the test under its expedited…

Seniors Get A Free Checkup Every Year Under Obamacare, And It Includes Tests For Several Conditions

Obamacare has several provisions that effect seniors specifically, including free annual visits and lower prescription costs, as well as special services to keep seniors from being cheated in…


25 US States Have Lice Resistant To Over-The-Counter Treatments

According to researchers who tested 30 US states, head lice populations in the majority are now resistant to over-the-counter pesticides commonly recommended by doctors and schools. “If you…

Cardiovascular disease

Know Your Fats: Trans Linked To Death And Heart Disease, Saturated Not

Not all fats are equal, according to research by a McMaster University team. Some fats are linked to death, heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes, while other fats…

online autism test

First Online Autism Test Developed – The RBQ-2A

The RBQ-2A Online test, the first self-assessment test for autism spectrum disorder, has been developed by psychologists from the University of Cardiff. The test can also be used…

Why women make less

Gender pay differences for doctors: Why women make less

Setting out to access why men physicians make more than women, according to statistics, a joint-research team has published Thursday the results of their study, based on an…

ReShape Dual Balloon

Stomach balloon approved by FDA for weight loss

Dieting leaving you with that empty feeling? The FDA Tuesday approved a new device to fill in for food in the stomachs of weight loss practitioners with a…

immunity archive

Disease record cell identified in new research

Emory University researchers have discovered cells that contain records the body’s response to infections during early life in bone marrow. The cells, dubbed “historical record” cells by the researchers, are…

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice: Boosts Athletes 15-20%

In what sport could you not use a 20 percent boost in performance? Scientists have found a food that does just that — the beet. And the why? It’s…

breast cancer

Cheap osteoporosis drug cuts breast cancer deaths by nearly 20%

In what some have called one of the most important cancer research findings in the last decade, based on data from 19,000 women, researchers have discovered that a…

Marijuana is not a “gateway drug” for teens at all, says new study

In a recently completed study, scientists at New York University Langone Medical Center’s department of population health have concluded that marijuana is not a gateway drug for teens….

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