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Best Meteor Shower — Colorful Geminids — This Weekend

The Geminids — “the King of Meteor Showers” — will rain down around 100 to 150 multi-colored slow-moving streaks per hour this weekend, visible from anywhere, but the…


Bacteria Engineered With Synthetic Circadian Clocks

Many of the body’s processes follow a natural daily rhythm or so-called circadian clock, so there are certain times of the day when a person is most alert,…


First Look At How Astrocyctes Function In Humans

Pretty much everything happening in the brain would fail without astrocytes. These star-shaped glial cells are known to have a critical role in synapse creation, nervous tissue repair,…

Mars with ring

Mars Will Develop Rings Like Saturn, Study Predicts

The red planet’s future rings Mars will most likely develop rings similar to Saturn’s, when its largest moon, Phobos, gets close enough to break apart, according to a recently published…

ebola spread in western africa

How Ebola Spread In Western Africa, 2013-2015

Late in 2013, a novel variant of the Ebola virus emerged in Western Africa to start what would become the largest human epidemic on record. In a study…


President Obama Signs Bill Recognizing Asteroid Resource Property Rights Into Law

President Obama signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (H.R. 2262) into law Wednesday. This law recognizes the right of U.S. citizens to own asteroid resources they…

Gut Microbes

Gut Microbes Signal Fullness To Brain

Don’t have room for dessert? The bacteria in your gut may be telling you something. Twenty minutes after a meal, gut microbes produce proteins that can suppress food…


Watch The International Space Station Travel Around The Earth (In Realtime)

The International Space Station orbits the Earth at 28,000 km/h, fast enough to make it from our planet to the moon and back in a day. The 1…


NASA Developing Mission To Capture Boulder From Asteroid, Send It Into Moon Orbit

First-of-its-kind NASA mission will also demonstrate ability to deflect asteroids NASA has detailed ARM: its mission to send a robotic spacecraft to an asteroid, pluck a boulder off of the…

online science

Free Science Databases Have A Big Problem

The primary way that researchers know anything about the distribution of species in the natural world is via the specimen collections housed in museums all around the world….


New UK Cryobiology Research Network Launched

A new network has been established by UK scientists to advance and promote research into cryobiology – the effects of extremely low temperature on living organisms and cells….


NASA Puzzled By 8,000 Year Old Earthworks In Kazakhstan

NASA Satellite imagery of a barren and treeless steppe in northern Kazakhstan has revealed enormous earthworks that can only be seen from the air. Some of the formations…

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