After attending the premiere of director David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad,” South African band Die Antwoord sent out a message on Instagram calling out the director for “ripping off” their unique zef styles.

The Instagram message came from Yolandi Visser’s prawn_star account, and read:

“Cara [Delevingne] & Jared [Leto] told us how much u were talkin abt us on set but u never asked our permision to rip us off,” messaged Yolandi.

“An when ninja texted u sayin wassup wif dat u said nothin like a scared lil bitch. U were jus flauntin our names pretendin to b down. u aint down an u never will b. but before we knew da extent of ur two face nature – u invited us to ur movie premiere(which i didnt wanna go to) but ninja went , tinkin ur solid guy an mayb there was jus a lil “misunderstandin”. Den poor ninja had to sit thru dat hole bullshit movie. An u even got da nerve to say wassup to him smilin – an ninja has to b nice cus he is there wif his kid. But we all tink u wack.”

Yolandi included some advice in her message to the director, whose film has already brought in almost $200 million in its first two weekends at the box office:

“U shud start a crew called:,’im a fake fuck’ ask kanye if he wants to join u. Cum show ur pretty face at my studios. U know Muggs & u know where da Soul Assasin Studios at. we watin for u.”

Yolandi posted a video with her message showing a few of the style elements the band reckons Ayer ripped off, including a photo of Marilyn Manson as well:

“yes David Ayer u jockin our style. callin ninja up before your movie came our pretendin 2b down, so it looks OK when u bite our black & white graf style & our opening sequence to umshiniwam & an all da lil tiny details u nibbeld dat other people wont see but we notice.”