VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Foreign media on Friday revealed the shortest international flight of Flyniki Airlines, an Austrian-nationality flight carrier from the city of Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia. Surprisingly, the flight takes around 10 minutes to reach its destination.

A big question still remains of how would the passengers manage to settle down in the flight. Would there even be enough time for passengers to drink water, have food or go to toilet? Is there even a need for air hostesses?

Online news website, used the Telegraph’s news report to show that Austrian low-cost Flyniki Airlines has opened new international routes that appear to be the shortest flight with a distance of 30 miles and 10 minutes time. With the advantage of taking the shortest flying time from one city to another, the airline is expected to take off for its first-ever shortest international flight on April 1, 2015, or April Fool’s Day.

More importantly, the airline has started accepting online reservations despite the fact that some people view this as ridiculously funny. Shortest international flight takes only 10 minutesOne-way ticket prices starts at 29 euros (35 dollars).

However, it is still controversial as to whether the Vienna-Bratislava flight is indeed the shortest flight in the world because, according to the Telegraph, a British news agency, this route seems to have been longer than that of Camair-Co flight of Cameroon that flies between Kinshasa city and Brazzaville of the Republic of Congo with a distance of 20 miles. The flight however takes longer since Flyniki Airlines flies faster.

Flyniki Airlines believes this new flight will help facilitate travelling between the two cities. According to Google Maps, travelling by a car takes 53 minutes. Therefore, having this flight to Bratislava would save time just by getting to the airport, going through security checks and boarding the flight. So sit back but do not relax because the flight is about to land in 10 minutes.

By Panthep Pande