“You’ve used keywords to search for images, but have you used color?
With Splash, you can now browse a subset of the 500px Marketplace by getting creative with color,” is the line offering the app 500px’s online service.

Users simply go to the webpage, select a color and spraypaint it or draw it onto a blank canvas, and the app finds similar pictures in real time — yes, real time. As you draw, the app will update its similar picture results.

500px website

How to eat HEALTHY for $0.78

Shared by redditor pmmeamilleniumfalcon, who introduced himself as a youth who has just moved out for the first time and was looking to save some money, this delicious looking and healthy dish of food is a rice-and-beans based one, with some seasoning to make it more appetizing.

pmmeamilleniumfalcon also shared the recipe:

1 can of red beans ($.70)
1/2 tub of mushrooms ($.75)
1/2 cup of rice ($.20)
1/2 bunch of parsley, chopped ($.50)
1/2 bunch of scallions, chopped ($.50)
Dollop of Greek yogurt ($.37)
Little bit of curry powder, salt, pepper ($.10)

Total: $3.12, made 4 servings.

The youth explained that there was not a lot of preparation involved, either. Just cook the rice and beans/curry powder/mushrooms (separately for about 10 minutes), then add scallions, parsley and yogurt, as well as salt and pepper for seasoning.

Just moved out of home and followed reddit's rice and beans advice By my calculation, this meal cost me 78

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