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Tag: Automotive

Should Heavy Duty Trucks Have Speed Limiters? There’s a New Law Being Passed to Do This

65 miles per hour is the max heavy trucks will be allowed to go under a new law expected to be published in a matter of weeks, if…

Trucker found love by texting number scrawled on toilet wall offering a ‘good sh-g’

Now, Donna Roberts usually tells friends her husband originally texted her by mistake, but the parents of two kids actually met when Mark Ellis found Donna’s phone number…

2,000 HP Electric Semi-Truck

Will This 2,000 HP Electric Semi-Truck “Level the Playing Field” Between Owner Operators and Large Fleets?

According to the Nikola Motor Company, this 2,000 horsepower electric semi tractor will “even the playing field” between owner operators and large fleets. Explaining the project, NMC founder…

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