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‘Trump Is a leader I Can Have Confidence In’ – Shinzo Abe After Meeting

In Donald Trump’s first meeting with a world leader since being elected, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he was “convinced that Mr. Trump is a leader…

Authagraph world map

AuthaGraph: A More Authentic World Map View Wins Design Award

Better than Mercator could do? And at a time when these problems are finally important? The Mercator map is known to have major flaws, such as its distortion…

Almost Half of Japanese Single Adults Under 35 Are Virgins Now

Japan is dealing with a shrinking population — Japan’s fertility rate is 1.4, one of the lowest in the world. One of problems behind the shrinking numbers was recently…

city weezle

City Weezle – Punk, Paris & Singing Tunes

Band leader Simon Fleury reveals his plans for the future and reflects on what the band has achieved so far.

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