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Confirmed This Week: Earth Has a “Second Moon”

About Earth’s New Little Moon After putting in its time, an asteroid called “Asteroid 2016 HO3” has now been confirmed by NASA to be a permanent resident in…


Curiosity Rover Reaches Mars’s Sand Dunes — Photos

The active sand dunes of Mars were reached by NASA’s Curiosity rover last month, and Friday NASA released some of Curiosity’s latest photography. The Bagnold Dunes are as…


NASA Developing Mission To Capture Boulder From Asteroid, Send It Into Moon Orbit

First-of-its-kind NASA mission will also demonstrate ability to deflect asteroids NASA has detailed ARM: its mission to send a robotic spacecraft to an asteroid, pluck a boulder off of the…


NASA Puzzled By 8,000 Year Old Earthworks In Kazakhstan

NASA Satellite imagery of a barren and treeless steppe in northern Kazakhstan has revealed enormous earthworks that can only be seen from the air. Some of the formations…

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