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Confirmed This Week: Earth Has a “Second Moon”

About Earth’s New Little Moon After putting in its time, an asteroid called “Asteroid 2016 HO3” has now been confirmed by NASA to be a permanent resident in…

Eric J Nesser javascript

Watch A Visual Representation Of The Earth Rotating In Space

This javascript-based visual representation of the Earth spinning in space was developed and shared on the website CodePen by programmer Eric J Nesser. Holding down the mouse left-click button while scrolling…

canada from space

Canada From Space

From the International Space Station’s 400 km perch, astronauts like New Jerseyite Scott Kelly have been taking impressive photos of the world over the past almost two decades…

Brasilia, Brazil from space

What The World’s Capital Cities Look Like From Space, Part 1

This collection of photographs was taken by the cameras of the International Space Station from it’s orbit at 319 nautical kilometers (172 miles) from the Earth’s surface. Can you…

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