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Canadian mosque

5 Killed at Canadian Mosque

Six were killed, others injured, when gunmen entered the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City, Quebec 8 p.m. Sunday (01:00 GMT Monday). Two attackers were arrested immediately. Initially reports…

Indian Army Crosses Pakistan Line to Carry Out Surgical Strikes

“The operations were focused on ensuring that these terrorists do not succeed in their design to cause destruction and endanger the lives of our citizens,” Indian Director General of…


World Terrorist Group Kill Numbers Ranked

According to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace, five Islamic groups topped the list of the deadliest forces on earth deemed “terrorist.” Islamic…

A synagogue in Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Muslim extremists foiled in plot to kill Jews in synagogue

Two known Canadian Muslim extremists, who had previously been found guilty of plotting to detonate homemade bombs in the British Columbia legislature during Canada Day two years ago, have…


This year’s Ramadan most violent on record, almost 3,000 religiously motivated deaths

Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, regularly sees a significant increase in religiously-motivated killing, but this year’s was the most deadly of the century, according to The Religion of Peace,…

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