Norwegian political mass killer Anders Breivik cannot be refused in his hope to meet the national court, according to the judge in the matter. Breivik is suing his country for alleged human rights violations regarding his imprisonment.

Judge Helen Anenaes Sekulic told government lawyer Marius Kjelstrup Emberland that she could not see the court had any authority to refuse to meet the prisoner if that was his desire.

Breivik has not appeared in public since 2012 when his sentence was handed down for the killing of 77 political targets — family members of the ruling Norwegian Labour Party — during a group retreat on Utoya Island in 2011.

The government lawyer had requested that Breivik appear via video link, but Breivik’s laywer Oystein Storrvik argued that the court would have to see Breivik in person in order to properly understand the effect of his prison conditions.

Breivik is alleging that the conditions of his imprisonment violate articles 3, 8, and 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Breivik alleges that he is enduring torture and infringements on his right to private and family life, home and correspondence, as well as, effectively, being barred from finding a marriage partner.

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By Justin Munce