I just graduated from Clatsop Community College with an AAS in vessel operations.

I also graduated from their Coast Guard certified Ships program.

I graduated with high honors, and was honored by the school for my accomplishments. I graduated on June 10,2016, so I have not applied for any licenses yet.

I earned my OUPV, STCW, AB, Lifeboatman, RFPNW, Tankerman PIC, Hazwopper, 200 ton master, and marine weather, tides, and currents certificates.

I acquired 380 days sea time from the school on a 50 ton vessel, and finished my RFPNW on a 750 ton vessel.

I also have owned my own 30ft sailboat for 5 years now and sail as much as possible. I’ve worked in the fishing industry off, and on throughout my life.

I am currently 48, and desperately seeking help in finding employment.