Journalist’s Resources

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Journalists learning to write news:

Becoming a better journalist:

  • Practice your world geography (Click the country to show the country name. It also has regions, states, provinces, etc)
  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Other maps coming soon
  • World Countries Game – Test your country facts (This game will ask you questions about countries and you can see if you know. Click the question to see the answer, and click it again for the next question)
  • Flags Game – This may not be super useful for journalists, but we made it anyway
  • Regions and Subregions Game – When you see a country name, can you identify which region or sub-region of the world it’s in?
  • Time Zones Game – Good to practice your understanding of where countries are situated longitudinally
  • World Leaders Game and the second World Leader’s Game (in reverse)

Online tools for professionals:

  • Match Your Schedule (MYS) Find how your schedule lines up with a friend in another country and time zone. MYS creates a link you can share with your friend, and he can make changes and send a link back to you with his info.
  • Online Countdown Timer Set an amount of time and it will countdown and play an alarm.
  • Meeting Scheduler Tool Set a meeting time for you and your friend (in 2 times zones if you want), and get a countdown to the meeting [This one also create a link you can share with your friend so he can see the same meeting times in the two countries and the countdown timer]
  • Workout timer (alternate exercise and rest)
  • My Favorite Timezones Tool – Set up to six timezones and bookmark the page, so you can easily find out what time it is in your friends’ timezones