MIA New Self-Directed Music Video “Double Bubble Trouble” Feat. Neon 3-D Printed Guns and Peace Sign Drones – BRIEF

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MIA self-directed the music video for her latest release, “Double Bubble Trouble,” in which attractive, customized 3-D printed guns in various shapes and sizes owned and shared by young people and neon peace-sign drones hover over groups of girl dancers.


The video also flashes an infomercial of 3-D printing guns, 1984, groups of teen boys being made out with by blonde teen girls in a row, rape rings, fashion, flashing images, helmet cams, sweat-pants room-dancers, fish-tank bongs, smiling-face Niqab, Japanese kanji, tattoos, e-cigarettes, gun-flashing and gun-pointing, American military-style drones, picture-in-picture, “YES WE CAN,” pop tags, security cameras, ying-yangs, parrots with neon guns, monkeys, and grills.