Dynamic and diverse Da Culkin Clan

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CUENCA, Ecuador — Founded in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2013 the hip hop band known as Da Culkin Clan consists of Pablo Jerónimo, voice, guitar and keyboards; Leo Espinoza, voice and guitar; Chris Diaz, MC; Sebastián Salazar, bass player and Tito Bravo, drummer. Recently there has been a change in the band –bass player Sebastian Salazar has decided to leave the group. But don’t expect that to slow down or change the way these guys make music.

After speaking with Leo and asking how they came up with the original and dynamic group name, he said, “Well the name came from the decadent movie star MaCaulay Culkin. We always saw him as an interesting character because he used to be this innocent kid and then he got hooked on drugs. We always reference pop culture in our music, so we thought he would be the perfect icon to use. And the clan part is because all rappers are known to be in clans, posies or gangs, so we added that part.”

Da Clan is widely known for their outrageous and original costumes that vary from show to show. Their most popular song, “Sometimes You Make The Love,” consists of lyrics that relate to “The Titanic,” MaCaulay Culkin, “Home Alone,” the Amazon and Ecuador. All of their songs contain both Spanish and English lyrics, which makes their music stand out from other bands.

Da Culkin Clan released their first album called “Special Dark” in 2014.

They also have three official music videos for their songs “Sometimes You Make The Love,” “Po Pi Chao,” and “Baila El Brando Denso.” Be sure to check out the music of this one-of-a-kind band.  Their hilarious and indifferent music videos can be found on YouTube.

I don’t doubt this band has and will continue to up the Hip Hop scene here in Ecuador.

By: Marla Crosbie

Photos: Marla Crosbie