Eight male student leaders accused of threatening mostly female university students to make them attend meeting that resulted in tragic deaths in Bolivia

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University students grieving the loss of classmates after the collapse of the barrier of a 4th story balcony that killed 7 and injured 4 say they were forced to attend the overcrowded student assembly under physical threats, and demand “justice.”

The Education Science students, mostly women due to the nature of their field of study, charge that a group of 8 male current and former student leaders seeking to gain political control of the student organization called the compulsory meeting. They ignored social distancing restrictions and threatened whippings, beltings, fines, and other “sanctions,” they say, and claim to have been beaten for being late or skipping previous meetings.

Seven of the 8 men are now in custody, charged with homicide, with calling the illegal gathering, and with inciting the confrontation that broke the guard railing.

By Milan Sime Martinic