Islamic radicalization teachers at UK school previously fired found to be reinstated and teaching again

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At least two teachers have resigned in outrage after two teachers fired for involvement in “Trojan Horse” Islamization of UK students were reinstated by their Birmingham school, reports the Telegraph UK, which has been actively covering many of the ongoing developments.

Although still subject to “interim prohibition orders,” Park View School assistant principal Shakeel Akhtar and director of student progress Saqib Malik are back teaching kids after being involved along with over a dozen other teachers in the “Park View Brotherhood,” a discussion group where anti-Western extremists conversed online.

The man responsible for the reinstatement, Waheed Saleem, who was recently promoted to chair of governors at Park View School, resigned Saturday after being contacted by the Telegraph UK about bringing the teachers back into classrooms.

Saleem denied there were problems at the school and stated that extremism “didn’t exist.”

Park View School continues to deny that there was any payoff to another former teacher, Mr Hussain, although three sources have said he received the equivalent of US $46,500 for loss of employment and another approximately $95,000 for seven months suspension. Allegedly, the school has paid over $465,000 in salary while waiting for the national teaching board of the nation to complete disqualification hearings.

By James Haleavy