Bush legacy with an Obama spin

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U.S. sponsored Saudi slaughter ensues in Yemen, but “not a peep from the pope,” as Celente likes to say. The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that the U.S. is in the processes of expanding its involvement in the Saudi Arabian effort to oust Iran-backed rebels in Yemen.

The U.S. military is aiding the Saudis by way of searching ships en route to Yemen coming from Iran, in an effort to curtail the supply of arms to the Shiite rebels. The rebel Houthi forces, who destabilized the government and took control of the country in February of this year, blame Saudi Arabia for attacks resultant in 648 civilian casualties since the beginning of the Saudi engagement with the rebels.

Yesterday, Iran called for the installation of a new Yemeni government, which is certain to increase tensions with Saudi Arabia. The U.S. continues to council the King on how to deal with the pro-Iranian Houthi faction in an attempt to regain stability by reinstating Western-backed president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The weird part of this story is that it is no secret that Iran and the U.S. are in bed together in regards to the containment of the Islamic State (IS). U.S. Iranian relations were further strengthened with last week’s nuclear deal, or in other words, Obama’s final swan song in his futile effort to create a lasting legacy as opposed to more global instability.

Nearly 12 years have past since the Bush administration invaded Iraq, toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime, and miring the U.S. in eight years of bloody conflict, but the Bush legacy lives on. Since president Barack Obama assumed office in 2009, not much has changed in regards to U.S. foreign policy, and in all reality, global instability is even worse than it was during the Bush years.

From the Syrian slump into civil war and the rise of the IS, to Libya, the Ukrainian crisis, and now Yemen, the Obama administration is scraping up quite a track record. The Yazidis trapped on the mountain were in trouble, and the U.S. sent in “military advisors”; now the Saudi’s need a hand, and the approval stamp from the U.S. to continue murdering civilians in Yemen. The U.S. supports Iranian foreign policy in one part of the world, while containing it in another, and yes, things are certain to get weirder and weirder. It seems as though the Obama administration has given the Bush legacy the “change” we all voted for in 2009.

Analysis by Joseph Siess