Canadian Muslim extremists foiled in plot to kill Jews in synagogue

A synagogue in Vancouver, Canada
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Two known Canadian Muslim extremists, who had previously been found guilty of plotting to detonate homemade bombs in the British Columbia legislature during Canada Day two years ago, have been charged with new extremist crimes.

Amanda Korody and husband John Nuttal are currently on trial at a BC Supreme Court for plotting to infiltrate a synagogue and kill Jews.

The court Monday heard testimony written by undercover RCMP officers who thwarted the plan over a months-long undercover sting operation. The couple, according to the undercover officer, planned to become “regulars in the synagogue.”

Amanda Korody
John Nuttal and Amanda Korody

“They will gain the trust of everybody. And once they have everything they will get enough guns and ammo to go ahead with their mission,” Crown lawyer Sharon Steele read from the undercover RCMP officer’s notes.

The couple believed they would be able to infiltrate the synagogue because “they were both white and could pass for Jewish,” Steele read.

However, the couple were themselves infiltrated and arrested by RCMP who began their investigation after receiving a tip-off from Canada’s spy agency in late 2012.

James Haleavy