Immigrants climb 30-foot Trump-built border wall and suffer serious injuries, some charge CBP ignores the hurt and returns them to Mexico without treatment

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A pregnant woman who fell off the wall west of El Paso died last year, and Border Patrol, CBP, takes many badly injured people to clinics near the border, reported the Texas Standard, but their report also interviewed several people who were sent back across the border in trauma without medical treatment. It is negligence, charged Pastor Rosalio Sosa, a director of Mexican shelters helping the injured immigrants. “They just pick them up and send them over here. No wheelchair, nothing. Not even a Tylenol.”

When it is apparent that someone is hurt we will administer first aid and request assistance as needed,” responded El Paso Sector CBP Chief Gloria Chavez in an email to Texas Standard.

Fall trauma ranges from multiple leg fractures, broken ankles, hips, pelvises, ribs, and “a good number of spinal injures,” according to the director of Annunciation House, an organization that provides temporary shelter for migrants and refugees in El Paso,

CBP’s own standards on transport and detention say, “Any observed or reported injury or illness must be reported, and appropriate medical care must be provided or sought in a timely manner.” CBP says they have no record the immigrants were injured when they were expelled back to Mexico.

By Milan Sime Martinic

Trump’s 100th Day May See a Government Shutdown

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A government shutdown could be the result of Trump’s demand for funding for a wall on the Mexico border.

Among Trump’s priorities for the CR* are the wall and the military, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Congressional Democrats and some Republicans oppose the funding of the wall, and it may result in a government shutdown on Saturday, Trump’s 100th day in office. At least 8 democrats are needed to pass a funding bill.

However, Trump was reported to have indicated in a private meeting with conservative media outlets this week that he may put off seeking funds for the border wall until after Republicans begin drafting the budget blueprint for the next fiscal year, which would decrease the likelihood of a shutdown.

*CR stands for “continuing resolution,” an “appropriations bill” that sets aside money for specific government departments and programs”)

Putting Off the Wall

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The White House is moving it’s position away from demanding funding from Congress for a wall on the Mexico border in the face of a possible government shutdown.

Although analysists say a shutdown will likely be avoided because of Trump’s withdrawal from the demand, Trump tweeted for people to not to listen to “the fake media” and stated that, “The wall gets built. 100%.”