New World’s Largest Crochet Quilt

World's largest crochet quilt
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How big is the world’s largest crochet blanket?

Crochet Queens, an Indian group, is set to needle past the current South African world record-holders’ 3,377 square meter (11,080 foot) quilt by combining the forces of their 1,800 members.

Mother India’s Crochet Queens team, composed of crocheters aged 8 through 85, is ready to earn a place in the Guinness World Record book by assembling a 5,000 square meter (16,404 foot) quilt from one square meter parts.

The team’s members live in diverse locations around the world. They mailed their square meter parts to Chennai, India to be knitted together. The parts were displayed at Durbar Hall Ground in Kochi this week.

The project started out as an online campaign, but interest grew globally. Even now, any woman can join to group so long as she can crochet three one-meter squares (one one-meter square is expected of younger members), according to Mother India’s.

By Tamara Fifer