Peru’s ex-president Vizcarra to avoid prison, for now; only second president since 1985 to do so

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After being impeached for “moral incapacity” last November, Peru’s attorney general asked for 18 months of preventative prison while Martín Vizcarra is investigated for corruption charges, but a judge this week ruled he can remain free during the investigation, with certain restrictions such as no travel outside his home area and having to appear in court when required.

The country has a political system that has been described as cannibalistic, which has devoured the ambitions of those who achieved its highest political office and set up an amazing President-to-prison conveyor that has ensnared all but one of its presidents since 1985. Persecution, prosecution, prison–Peru is one of the most frequent presidential impeachers of all countries on Earth.

Vizcarra, who was president since 2018, has had 21 of his properties seized by the country’s attorney general office to guarantee eventual payment of reparations that may be ordered by the courts, said the AG’s office as it announced it will appeal the ruling.

By Milan Sime Martinic