Match Your Schedules Tool (MYS) – Line up your schedule with someone in another country

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This tool is for people who want to see how their available hours line up with the availability of a friend somewhere else in the world (a different time zone). There’s a video below to show how to use it, but you can also just read the following 4 steps.

Step 1: Select your timezone (usually this will be listed by the capital city of your country or the largest city of your timezone region. Once you find it, it will be easy to access it in the future)

Step 2: Select your friend’s timezone the same way

Step 3: Click between the schedules to highlight your hours of availability. You can do your friend’s hours as well, but probably you won’t want to.

Optional step: Type some text as a message or reminder to your friend

Step 4: Click ‘Generate Link’ at the bottom of the tool

It creates a link. If you share this link, whoever clicks it will see exactly what you are seeing now. Your friend can then fill in his hours or add a note, make a new link and send it back to you.

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