Nevada might give tech companies the ability to set up their own mini governments if they move to the state

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal stated that the draft of new legislation being considered by the state’s governor refers to the current government model of trying to attract new businesses as “inadequate alone to provide the flexibility and resources conducive to making the State a leader in attracting and retaining new forms and types of businesses and fostering economic development in emerging technologies and innovative industries,” proposing its “alternative form of local government” to make the state into a high-tech development zone.

If the law were to go through, companies in Nevada would be able to set up in their zones of operation with their own local taxes, government services, schools, police, and courts of justice.

The types of businesses that would be able to obtain such a deal from Nevada would be limited to specific innovative technologies, according to the Review-Journal, including blockchain, autonomous technology, the Internet of Things, robotics, A.I., wireless technology, biometrics, and renewable resource technology.

Nevada has some of the U.S.’s largest, emptiest counties that could be put to use this way. The bill proposing the new approach to tech government is not in it’s final form, but reports are that officials in the counties affected were initially skeptical despite investment requirements of over $1 billion in the first 10 years.

By Milan Sime Martinić