GA employer pays employee’s last paycheck in 90k pennies dumped on driveway

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A 500-lb pile of oil-covered pennies is how Andreas Flaten of Fayetville said he received his last paycheck from A OK Walker Motorworks, after contacting the Georgia Department of Labor for help in getting paid for a job he left in November 2020.

Flaten told a local TV station that he has been sitting nights cleaning the pennies with soap, vinegar, and water.

The US Treasury, however, says that there is “no Federal statute mandating that a private business, a person or an organization must accept currency or coins as for payment for goods and/or services.”

Others who have tried to settle debts with large numbers of pennies have been charged with disorderly conduct. A Utah man was fined $140 for paying a $25 bill with 14lbs of pennies in 2011.

By Milan Sime Martinic

Russia’s Central Bank to Develop National Cryptocurrency

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The popularity and value of dealing in cryptocurrency has been established over the past couple of years, with Bitcoin the most prominent of many new digital moneys.

The Russian Central Bank’s Deputy Chairman Olga Skorobogatova spoke at SPIEF 2017 spoke about Russia’s interest in developing their own.

“Regulators of all countries agree that it’s time to develop national cryptocurrencies, this is the future,” said Skorobogatova. “Every country will decide on specific time frames. After our pilot projects we will understand what system we could use in our case for our national currency,”

She wasn’t the only Russian banking official to speak in favor of it at this year’s economic forum. Part of the interest comes from the current state of cryptocurrencies, including that transactions can’t be traced to any person, and that recently there have been new legislative restrictions imposed by various countries.