Chinese government and Myanmar military to begin sharing information

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YANGON, Myanmar – The Chinese government has agreed to share with Myanmar’s military information about the Northern Alliance, a military coalition composed of ethnic insurgent groups which has been in conflict with Myanmar’s military since 2016.

The two parties held a meeting about government project safety on Feb. 23. Myanmar military, for its part, agreed to share security information with the Chinese government, according to Mr. Bai Tian, the director general of the external security department of the Chinese government.

In the meeting, they discussed the safety of the gas pipeline project that runs from the western part of Myanmar to the Yunnan province of China through central Myanmar.

The Northern Alliance Organization is an armed organization of ethnic groups fighting for their rights according to the international law. Myanmar’s government signed the 1960 declaration of the UN General Assembly, and accordingly, ethnic groups have a right to autonomy, self-determination or independence.

By Htay Win
Photo credit- Khit Thit