US Evangelicals raise alarm about “Radicalized Christian Nationalism” in their midst, call for opposition in wake of the Jan 6 insurrection

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More than 100 pastors, ministry and seminary leaders, and other prominent American evangelicals have penned an open letter calling on other Christians to take a public stand: “We recognize that evangelicalism, and white evangelicalism in particular, has been susceptible to the heresy of Christian nationalism because of a long history of faith leaders accommodating white supremacy. We choose to speak out now because we do not want to be quiet accomplices in this ongoing sin.”

Quoting Jesus Christ, the letter says, “No Christian can defend the un-Christlike behavior of those who committed the violence on January 6. Not only was it anti-democratic, but it was also anti-Christian,” urging other evangelical leaders “to boldly make it clear that a commitment to Jesus Christ is incompatible with calls to violence, support of white Christian nationalism, conspiracy theories, and all religious and racial prejudice.”

The progressive evangelical group VoteCommonGood is behind the action.

by Milan Sime Martinic