Breivik May Hunger Strike To Death

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According to Dagoladet, Norwegian political mass killer Anders Breivik has threatened to hunger strike to death.

Breivik, who killed 69 people in 2011 — mostly the children of a Norwegian political party Breivik was aggrieved of for their policy on immigration in the Scandinavian nation — has complained of the conditions of his imprisonment, according to his lawyer, Oystein Storrvik.

Breivik cannot bear anymore and shall hunger strike to death, according to Storrvik.

Among the complaints are claims Breivik has been mistreated for 4 years and exposed to 884 forced naked searches and 2300 grab maneuvers. During the two and a half years of solitary confinement so far served, he has spent less than 5 minutes per day in contact with other humans, Breivik has reported.

Storrvik may sue Norway for violations of Breivik’s human rights because of the prison conditions.

By James Haleavy