Trucker found love by texting number scrawled on toilet wall offering a ‘good sh-g’

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Now, Donna Roberts usually tells friends her husband originally texted her by mistake, but the parents of two kids actually met when Mark Ellis found Donna’s phone number on the wall of a toilet at his local pub.

Ellis decided to text the number, which was part of a message that read, “If you want a good sh-g call Donna on …” The message was written by Donna’s ex.

“Hi. What are you up to?” Ellis texted her. He later said he did it partly to see if it was a real number.

Donna, who is a legal secretary, didn’t know how Ellis got her number, but the two people texted back and forth and met a couple of days later.

Now, they have two kids aged 8 and 9, but the kids don’t know the story of their meeting yet.