Russia Plans Upcoming Census in Crimea

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Russia has planned a census to be taken in Crimea in October. The census will include 33 questions, which will be answered by declaration and without documented proof, will be accounted by “foreigners temporarily residing in Crimea,” and will have special focus placed on foreigners working and studying in Crimea. The plans were announced this week by Krymstat, the statistical body of Russia’s Crimean occupation authority. Russian authorities have commented that they expect the census will provide a needed picture of the actual populace of Crimea, which they believe may have been misrepresented in past censuses.

Among the 33 questions will be queries about date and place of birth, ethnic origin, migration activeness, citizenship, income sources, education, marital status, fertility and residence.

A separate section will be devoted to housing conditions questions.

The census will be based on declarations–not documents. Krymstat has stated that census takers will not require documentary validification for any census declarations.

Krymstat also has said it they will include foreign residents in Crimea, and will placeĀ a focus on foreign nationals who have come to Crimea to work or study, although details as to how Krymstat would count or group foreigners have not been not given.

Soldiers of the Black Sea Fleet will also be included in the census.

A decree to organize the census was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier this month. The census will cost approximately 387 million rubles, according to RIA Novosti.

Accounting of the census will be conducted by “foreigners temporarily residing in Crimea,” reportedly. Specialists will examine in detail the working and student migrants category.

Russian news sources have reported that the census is important as a recognition of the actual populace of Crimea, and also because Russian experts suspect Crimean Tatar organizations overestimate the strength of their people.

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  1. I am sure that this “census”will be NON-ANONIMOS:people can’t check if to their orally given data THEIR ADRESS AND PERSONAL DAA will be added. Why? Because this census is planned by occcupants and the quesions are not as usual for census in Europe . Tatars will not take part in this census – and will be expeled from Crimea at this pretext

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