Uproar after Bolivian congressmen given gift of ‘Viagra’ for Father’s Day

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Male members of the Bolivian lower house of congress received a packet of generic Sildenafil, the main ingredient in the ED pill Viagra, as they entered Congress Thursday, an early gift anticipating Bolivian Father’s Day Friday. It is believed the gift came from the MAS ruling party.

Opposition congresswoman Samantha Nogales called the gift “unacceptable, and a highly machista act,” while Senator Andrea Barrientos denounced the act in a tweet, “In times when we should speak of joint responsibility of care, of equity, of stability, public resources are spent on Viagra. A shame.”

The pills were wrapped in a crafts-tie made of construction paper which many of the men hung around their necks. Other congressmen, however, said they felt insulted, calling for an investigation of the use of funds.

By Milan Sime Martinic