USA challenges Japan to giant robot battle, Japan accepts

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A battle between the giant humanoid robots of America and Japan is in the works, as MegaBot USA’s challenge to Japan’s Kuratas Mecha has been formally accepted.

Kuratas, the only giant humanoid robot manufacturer besides MegaBot, is set to meet the US bot suit sometime next year. Both bots will be equipped with paintball guns and will be piloted by teams made up of engineers of the rivaling nations.

“SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES! MegaBots, Inc. challenges you to a duel!” the US team told Kuratas from its YouTube channel (video below). “You have a giant robot, we have a giant robot — we have a duty to the science fiction lovers of this world to fight them to the death.

“Prepare yourselves, and name the battlefield. In one year, we fight.”

Kuratas thanked the American team for their challenge, and specified a desire to engage in hand-to-hand battle: “But you know, we really need… MELEE COMBAT! If we’re gonna win this, I want them to punch them to scrap and knock them down them down to do it.”

The US challenge

[youtube id=”XVJTGLL2SnI” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”600″]

Kuratas’ response

[youtube id=”7u8mheM2Hrg” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”600″]