News of Another Self Immolation in Tibet Reaches Outside World

March protest just confirmed due to communications clampdown in area Sonam Tso, a mother of five, carried out a self-immolation protest on Wednesday 23 March 2016, in Dzoege County, Ngaba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. News of the protest only emerged from Tibet yesterday due to communication restrictions in the area. The protest took place around midday … Read more

Brits Polled On China And Tibet


A YouGov poll commissioned by campaign group Free Tibet on the eve of the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping has found that 69% of respondents agree with the Dalai Lama’s comment that UK policy towards China is about “money, money, money.” Just 8% disagreed with the Tibetan spiritual leader’s full statement, made in … Read more

Monk Arrested After Lone Protest In Tibet

[youtube id=”We2ZUj0jJOM” align=”center” maxwidth=”550″] Originally published by Tibet Post, Sept. 9 This year has seen a trend in lone peaceful protests by Tibetans. This footage is from Ngaba, Tibet. A monk, Lobsang Kalsang, marched into the streets, calling for “freedon for Tibetans.” “the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet,” and raised slogans for the … Read more

Tibetan Woman Dies Of Self Immolation As Chinese Authorities Demolish Houses

A Tibetan woman became the 142nd Tibetan in Tibet to self immolate in protest of the rule and actions of the Chinese government Thursday night. The woman, Tashi Kyi, whose age is unknown, self immolated in Ngulra, Gansu Province, eastern Tibet. She died later that night. The self immolation followed the arrival of 150 police and … Read more

Tibetan man self immolates beside Dalai Lama photo


In Ngaba, Tibet — the scene of many self immolations by Tibetans protesting Chinese rule over the past several years — a man in his forties or fifties self immolated Wednesday beside a shrine he had set up which included photos of the Dalai Lama, the Tenth Panchen Lama, and his family, as well as the traditional butter-lamps and … Read more

140th self immolation against Chinese rule of Tibet


A Tibetan nun self immolated April 8, becoming the 140th known self immolation in protest of Chinese rule over the Himalayan region. The nun, Yeshi Kandro, who was in her 40s, was known to be a serious practitioner of meditation and deeply concerned with Tibetan issues, according to sources of International Campaign for Tibet. Yeshi may … Read more

Chinese charge government officials for being part of “illegal underground Tibetan independence organization”

Chinese charge government officials for being part of "illegal underground Tibetan independence organization

It has come to light that officials within the Chinese government have been charged and punished with crimes such as providing intelligence to exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and participating in activities found to potentially be “harmful to national security.” Fifteen officials of the Chinese government in central Tibet were charged with the … Read more

134th Tibetan self immolates

134th Tibetan self immolates (1)

Outside a police station in Amchok, Tibet today, a 33-year-old man self immolated in protest of Chinese rule. The man, one Sangye Khar, self immolated during a time of celebration in Tibet which had been marked by self immolations in the past, and his body was carried away by Chinese military police. Tibetans nearby protested the removal … Read more

Tibetan protester dies six years into 15-year prison sentence, two days after release

Tibetan protester dies six years into 15 year prison sentence, two days after release

A Tibetan protester died Friday–just two days after being released from prison on “medical parole.” The Tibetan was six years into a 15-year prison term for participating in the 2008 Machu Protest, at which Chinese police opened fire and killed 12 Tibetans. The man is the second Tibetan to die after being released on “medical parole” this year. Tenzin Choedak, who … Read more