Crocs escape farm, South Africans in Danger

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DURBAN, South Africa – Police have set up a special unit to trap the crocodiles after an unknown number of the reptiles escaped from a breeding farm in the SA’s Western Cape Province.

It is believed that the crocodiles have escaped through the breeding farm’s broken fence and made their way to the Breede River.

So far, it was reported that 27 crocs have been captured. However, officials said they were not sure how many more they need to find, and now the South Africans are very afraid.

The residents have been urged to stay clear of the river and have been warned against approaching these dangerous reptiles which are believed to measure up to 1.5m (4ft 11in) in length.

The police are on standby, using bait in cages along the riverbank.

By Zakithi Dlamini