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Author: Dallas Jeffs

Business Better than Ever at The Last Cassette Factory

Business Better Than Ever At The Last Cassette Factory

Springfield, Missouri is home to the National Audio Company — or as it is colloquially known, the Last Cassette Factory. It’s a fairly self-explanatory name. NAC is indeed the…

Snarkitechture's The beach transforms museum landscape

Snarkitechture’s THE BEACH Transforms Museum Landscape

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC, has become host to THE BEACH, an installation that emulates a natural landscape while flying in the face of museum tradition….

British Library Wants Your Help Decoding Text on Ancient Sword

British Library Wants Your Help Decoding Text on Ancient Sword

The British Library is asking the internet for aid in deciphering a mysterious inscription on an 800-year-old sword. Discovered in 1825 on the river Withal in Lincolnshire, the…

The Cultivist Opens Exclusive Doors To The Art World

Want become an art world insider but not sure where to start? Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat might be able to help you. The duo are the co-founders…

Matt Parker’s New Electronic Music Uses Sounds of Computing

A new project by British sound artist Matt Parker uses an archive of historic computers as instruments. Using computers on display at the National Museum of Computing in…

Douglas Coupland

Artist Douglas Coupland 3-D scanning and printing Canadians for 4-year project

Vancouver, British Columbia artist Douglas Coupland is visiting Simons department stores across Canada, scanning and 3-D printing customer volunteers for an art project that will be unveiled in…

Central Park Statue Fund

Central Park Statue Fund seeks to honour historic women

Of the current 22 historic figures who have been memorialized as statues in New York’s Central Park, none are women. Now several residents of New York have started…

Roski students

USC’s Roski students call for removal of dean

In an ongoing saga of controversy over changes to the MFA program at the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Art and Design, a petition has been started…

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