Canada Selling Bottled Air To China

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A Canadian company is now selling bottled air to China, and supplies are selling out.

Vitality Air, and Edmonton-based company, is bottling air from Banff and Lake Louise, world-famous Canadian vacation destinations. The hand-bottled air is then shipped around the world.

For around $13 per bottle, Chinese are buying stocks out.

“We shipped a sample of 500 [bottles] to China,” Vitality Air co-founder Moses Lam said this week. “They sold out within a week-and-a-half.”

The company already has sold 1,000 of their next shipment of 4,000 bottles to China as well.

The air is being sold in orders of 10 bottles, according to the company, which markets their product on China’s eBay equivalent, Taobao.

India has also started to buy Vitality’s air.

The company is having a hard time keeping up with demand since starting selling online last June, due to the hand-bottling involved in their product.

Each bottle contains 3 liters of air, which equates to approximately 80 breaths. In a relaxed state, breathing steadily, it would take 4 minutes to breathe the air contained in one can, although consumers may prefer to draw out their enjoyment by sipping at the air over a longer period of time.

By Andy Stern