EU no longer recognizes Guaidó as Venezuelan president

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MARACAY, Venezuela – Although the European bloc continues to consider him a privileged interlocutor in matters dealing with Venezuela, the EU downgraded Guaidó’s diplomatic status from that of interim president of the country.

EU states agreed they could no longer consider Juan Guaidó as interim president due to his loss of position in the Venezuelan congress last December.

His previous status granted Guaidó access to all assets and funds confiscated from Nicolás Maduro, as well as giving him access to high officials in the political and economic spheres and greater ability to promote the democratic movement he is a part of both inside and outside Venezuela.

The USA and Great Britain, however, still consider Guaidó to be president.

By Luis Alejandro R.

Colombia offers protection to Venezuelan migrants, for 10 years

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Colombian President Iván Duque announced that temporary protection status will be granted to Venezuelan migrants residing in Colombian territory. During the announcement, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, was present.

Thanks to the measure adopted by the coffee-growing country, Venezuelans located in the Colombia will be able to work legally. According to data compiled by various agencies, the estimated number of illegal Venezuelans, or those without legal status, is around 1 million.

The main consequence of the uncontrolled migration of Venezuelans to Colombia is the oversaturation of education and health systems, particularly in border locations.

During a press release, President Iván Duque mentioned that the process “marks a milestone in Colombia’s migration policies.”

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the decision can be seen as the greatest gesture of solidarity in decades.

Details of the temporary protection measure for Venezuelan migrants

The new migratory status will have a duration of 10 years, which will also provide greater comfort to migrants who are already legalized. This was stated by the President.

It should be noted that migrants who entered Colombia before January 31 are eligible for the new protection measure. However, they must register to acquire the new immigration status. Otherwise, they may be deported.

Combating COVID-19

Finally, Iván Duque reiterated the call to the international community to contribute more funds to the fight against COVID-19. In this way, they will be able to use the funds to vaccinate Venezuelan migrants living in Colombian territory.

By Luis Alejandro R.