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Ten-Year-Old CG Girl “Sweetie” Used to Collect Identities of 1,000 Online Sex Predators From Chatrooms

Amsterdam-based advertising agency Lemz created a CG 10-year old to enter chatrooms and collect 1,000 identities of participants in a form of child sex tourism called webcam child…

driverless cars

What Happens When Your Driverless Car Chooses Whether to Save Your Life or Others’ Lives in an Accident? Survey Results

Driverless cars are now legal in America, but what happens when your car has to decide whether to save your life or others’ in an accident? Recently, a…

Universal Typeless Blood Substitute Being Developed at University of Essex

A team of scientists at Essex University with a goal of providing an artificial blood substitute to hospitals and disaster areas around the world–and overcome the barriers that have stumped…

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