The Speaker was begun in late 2013 as a site for quality news on under-reported issues. We have/have had around 50 journalists, photojournalists, experts, and contributors. About section (click here)

Staff Writers and Correspondents


2021 Round

Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio, journalist, Brazil ^

Milan Sime Martinić, journalist, SAO PAOLO, Brazil^

Luis Alejandro R., journalist, MARACAY, Venezuela ^

Henok Alemayehu, journalist, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia ^

Htay Win, journalist, YANGON, Myanmar ^

Zakithi Dlamini, journalist, DURBAN, South Africa ^

Benjamin Takpiny, journalist, JUBA, South Sudan ^

Jorge Valente, journalist, SAO PAULO, Brazil ^




Dario Fernandez, journalist, CÓRDOBA, Argentina ^ Fired for trying to scam us by passing off auto-translated articles as new articles to be paid, articles deleted

Yared Nigussie, journalist, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia ^ Fired for plagiarism, articles deleted

Jesutomi Akomolafe, journalist, OSHODI, Nigeria ^ Fired for plagiarism, articles deleted

Syed Liyaqat, journalist, SRINAGAR, Kashmir ^ Fired for plagiarism, articles deleted

Emad Almarshahi, journalist, SANAA, Yemen ^ Fired for plagiarism, articles deleted



2014 Round

Tina Zhang (United States): Journalist (lovailski[at], tzhang[at], G+)

Brett Scott (Siem Reap, Cambodia): Journalist (G+, scott.brett40[at]

Jay Verkamp (Chile): Writer (panoscenaproducciones[at]

Rathan Paul Harshavardan (New Zealand): Journalist

Moi Julius (South Sudan): Journalist (moi.julius[at]

Armaghan Naveed (Pakistan): Writer

Sid Douglas (British Colombia, Canada): Journalist

Andy Stern (British Colombia, Canada): Journalist

Ray Korshunova (United States): Journalist (rkorshunova[at]

Eli Ramos (New Mexico, United States): Journalist (eramos[at]

Rickovia Leung (Paris, France): Journalist


Maxim Dondyuk (Ukraine): Documentary Photographer

Emir Nader (Egypt): Journalist

Sergei Stroitelev (Russia): Documentary Photographer

Kilian Anheuser (Geneva): Art forgeries expert

Federico Pistono (Italy): Writer and speaker

Leslie Patterson (UK): Journalist

Ahmed Kotb (Mansoura, Egypt): Writer

Evelyn Mae A. Rosales (Butuan City, Philippines): Journalist

Afayoa Richard Metaloro (Juba, South Sudan): Journalist, Assistant Director for Information and Media in the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission

Annalisa Dorigo (Berlin area, Germany): Writer

César Dezfuli (Buenos Aires, Argentina): Photojournalist

Maria Sanz (Buenos Aires, Argentina): Journalist

Jason Findling (Tamarindo, Costa Rica): Journalist

Alberto , Jr. Fernandez Purugganan (Manila, Philippines): Journalist and photographer

Michael Cruickshank (Berlin, Germany): Journalist

Chandan Das (Jamshedpur, India): Journalist

Arafat Kabir (Normal, Illinois): Journalist

Anthony Bain (Barcelona, Spain): Journalist

Maria Semino (Buenes Aires, Argentina): Journalist

Andrew Gehrig (Utica, New York): Writer

Josh Green (Israel): Writer

Joaquin Salazar (Dominican Republic): Writer

Achiek J. Riak (South Sudan): Journalist

Ericka Brealey (Costa Rica): Writer

John Amaruso (New York, New York): Journalist and political analyst

Antonio Torrijos (Hawaii): Journalist

Dave Davies (Alberta, Canada): Oil and gas industry expert

Morris Cerullo (Kenya): Journalist and analyst

Panthep Pande (Thailand): Journalist

Sean Bw Parker (Chichester, West Sussex, UK): Writer, teacher, artist, musician

Robert Inskip (Athens, Georgia, USA): Writer

Joel Levi (Berlin, Germany): Journalist and analyst

Michael Tatarski (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam): Journalist

Faysal Mohamad (Toronto, Canada): Analyst

Felicia Bonanno (Paris, France): Journalist, photographer

Santiago Bustamante González (Colombia): Journalist

Sniegė Pilypienė (Vilnius, Lithuania): Journalist and photojournalist

Stanley Puji Dagule (Juba, South Sudan): Journalist, IDP Project Assistant at Malteser International, Operational Manager with Education Access Africa (EAA) Printing Press

*Andrea Peter Fly (Paris, France): Photographer

EJ Monica Kim (Seoul, South Korea): Journalist

Milad Doroudian (Vancouver, Canada): Journalist

Taban Ronald Setimo (Juba, South Sudan): Journalist

Miroslav Velimirovic (Belgrade, Serbia): Journalist

Mark A.G. Cox (Eagle River, Alaska): Journalist

Aliza Baraka (USA): Journalist

Esther Hervy (France): Journalist

Eden Tadesse (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia): Writer

Enda Kenneally (Madrid, Spain): Writer

Paul Ballans (Indonesia): Journalist and photographer

David Cordova (Puebla, Mexico): Photojournalist

Konstantinos Koulocheris (Thessaloniki, Greece): Journalist

Michaela Škvrňáková (Czech Republic): Photojournalist and writer

Marla Crosbie (Cuenca, Ecuador): Photojournalist and journalist

Nicholas Beecroft (UK): Writer

Joe Siess (Buenos Aires, Argentina):Writer

Dallas Jeffs (Vancouver, Canada): Journalist

Nicholas Okumu (Kenya): Journalist

Dylan Botha (Amsterdam): Journalist

Cesare Baccheschi (Italy): Journalist

Robbie Carnie (England): Journalist

Alex Reid: Journalist

Pauline Schnoebelen (Paris, France): Journalist

Emre Seven (Ankara, Turkey): Writer

Allistair Currie: Writer and Campaigns and Media Manager at Free Tibet Org

Tony Simpson: Journalist

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