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digital archaeology

3D Printing Against Daesh: “We Will Recreate What ISIS Destroyed”

3D technology comes to the rescue after the destruction of several world cultural treasures by the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). According to the United…

Chinese Torture

Evidence Of Chinese Torture Presented To UN

“They would pour boiling hot water on us” — Free Tibet submits torture evidence as China reviewed at UN Director meets Committee Against Torture Campaign group Free Tibet and its research…

North Korea prison camp escapee and human right activist, Dong-Hyuk Shin

North Korean camp survivor Dong-Hyuk Shin tells true feelings about his book and campaign

Dong-Hyuk Shin, the only North Korean prison camp escapee, revealed that the inaccurate details in his autobiography “Escape from Camp 14” were neither lies nor confusion about his memories following…

Justice for North Korea launch street campaign for North Korean defectors in central Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea — Nongovernmental organization Justice for North Korea (JFNK) launched a street campaign last Saturday in Insadong Street, Central Seoul to bring attention to the North Korean crisis. Founder…

Escape from Camp14

N. Korean defector reveals scars of prison camp torture

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean defector Dong-Hyuk Shin has revealed photos of scars on his body, which he says were suffered in a prison camp in the hermit kingdom. Shin published the photos…

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