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metal matrix

Material advantage: new metal matrix may cause marine engineers to switch

Metal sea wreckage might be made to float The development of a new metal matrix composite foam may tip the balance back towards metal materials in the construction…

Vancouver's Mansion Owners In Poverty

Vancouver’s Mansion Owners In Poverty

Why in Vancouver’s wealthy neighborhoods — where houses cost over $2 million — over 30 percent of residents claim poverty Mansion owners in Vancouver are claiming poverty at…

Poetry Slam Madrid

On the first Wednesday of every month, Poetry Slam Madrid invades Bar Intruso for a few hours and a poetry slam event takes place. This reporter met with one…

Mexico: Thousands March One Year After Disappearance Of 43 Students – Photo Document

MEXICO CITY — Thousands of people took to the streets Saturday to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero in a case involving…

Mohamed Mahmoud street graffiti thespeaker.co

Cairo’s Walls Of Freedom Demolished – Photo Document

Mohamed Mahmoud street, one of the most iconic locations of modern Egyptian history, famous for its walls graffitied by artists who gave color to the Revolution of 2011, is now being demolishing…


Fragrances are a woman’s secret, even from her friends

A recent study by Dutch design aesthetics researchers has discovered that women closely guard their fragrance identity to the point that they will keep it secret from the…


Thousands Protest for Spanish Unity

Thousands Protest for Spanish Unity

As many as 950,000 people have descended upon Barcelona Sunday, from all over Spain to protest Catalonia’s bid for Independence and to support the continued unification of the…

  • Vancouver’s Mansion Owners In Poverty
  • Japan Has Standardized Toilet Function Pictograms Now
  • Municipal Parks in Saudi Arabia Spray-Painted Green for Visit by Prince
  • Duterte Orders Preparations: ‘Whether you like it or not, the new war coming is Terrorism’
  • America Shifts Stance, Allows New UN Bill Putting Israel in Violation of International Law

    New mathematical law found to beautifully explain crowd phenomena

    New mathematical law found to beautifully explain crowd phenomena

    A new law of science has been found to beautifully explain crowd movements for first time. The as-yet unnamed law, which is a mathematical, universal power law for human interactions,…

  • Material advantage: new metal matrix may cause marine engineers to switch
  • Fragrances are a woman’s secret, even from her friends
  • Wikipedia Vulnerabilities Explored In New Research
  • Back to the Moon? Trump’s Statement Rouses Spaceheads
  • Confirmed This Week: Earth Has a “Second Moon”

    PFAS Contaminated Water May Effect Many More People Than the 6 Million Reported

    According to scientists, the number of Americans drinking PFAS-contaminated water may be much higher than the 6 million figure initially reported. A recent Harvard Harvard study found that almost across 30…

  • “Zika Is Now Here” – Mosquitos in US Causing Infection
  • Scientists Successful In Growing “Mini-Stomachs” That Produce Insulin When Transplanted
  • Cancer In China Kills 2.8 Million Per Year, Study Finds
  • America Has The Right Type Of Mosquito For The Zika Virus – Yale Epidemiologist
  • Tuberculosis – Surprising Diversity In Ethiopian Strains May Rewrite History

    HK actor to give away entire $714million fortune to charity

    Chow Yun-Fat, known to the West through the 2000 blockbuster “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” has been striving for a simple life, and now he’s going to give away…

  • Poetry Slam Madrid
  • YouTube TV Announced
  • New Walt Whitman Novel Found
  • AuthaGraph: A More Authentic World Map View Wins Design Award
  • Rape Comedy Picked for Oscars Race
  • TECH

    Dubai to Have Flying Driverless Cars This Summer

    Dubai to Have Flying Driverless Cars This Summer

    In a few months, the UAE will have flying driverless cars, according to Dubai’s transport authority. They’ve already done test runs for the autonomous aerial vehicles (AAV), made…

  • 3D Printing Against Daesh: “We Will Recreate What ISIS Destroyed”
  • Al Jazeera: News Site Steals Code?
  • Facebook Explains How It Picks What to “Trend”
  • BattleBots Returns to TV
  • Facebook Open Sources Its AI Server

    American Workers

    Millions of workers are ‘bound’ by non-binding contracts

    Millions of American workers believe they are bound by contracts they are not actually bound by, according to University of Maryland Smith Business School’s Evan Starr, and this…

  • Apple Talking of Returning to US Amid Trump Policy Statements
  • 4chan Going Broke, Possible Changes Coming Up
  • Huge Gender Pay Gap – Males Paid 75% Less in Modelling
  • Twitter Looking to Sell
  • 4 Top Banks To Create New Digital Currency
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